Flag Links

World Flag Database
There are over 260 pages on countries and international organizations. Each page contains basic information on the country, including its formal name, capital city, area, population, currency, languages, and religions. The flags include the national and state flags, ensigns, and sub-national flags.

Vexilla Mundi – pictures, specification & history of every international flag including Pantone PMS color
On this site there are flags of every country, and not only the official national ones. Most countries have regions which also have their own regalia. This site has contruction diagrams and recomenended Pantone colours for most flags.

Print Our Flag – free American flag images to print
Print the US flag in lots of different sizes & formats, including supersize and labels, plus US flag art.

KidsKonnect – Homework & Educational resources for kids
A safe Internet gateway for kids, created and maintained by educators, with links to the best information to help with homework. History, US States, Math, English, even games are covered.

National Flag Foundation
A non-profit patriotic organization devoted to promoting respect for the Flag of the United States of America. Very useful source of information on flag etiquette. We found the page on little known flag facts very interesting!

World flag information from the CIA