General Flagpole Information

The symbol of the American flag is usually seen waving at the top of a flag pole. Whether you’re looking to put a flagpole in front of your home or in front of a large office building, you can create a sense of patriotism.

Many businesses have flagpoles in front of their buildings because they want to show the pride of being an American company. Plus, these large commercial flagpoles are the highly visible. They stand out over the rest of the buildings, and companies can also create a custom flag with their logo to put underneath the American flag.

For commercial usage, we stock many different sizes of flag poles. We have solid poles that require special trucks to deliver and we also carry a full line of modular poles that can ship standard UPS (up to a certain height).

For residential usage, we have standard 20 foot poles that are easy to install and maintain. We also have smaller telescoping flag poles for indoor and outdoor use. For larger indoor flags, standard fiberglass or wooden poles are a nice decorative choice for any room.

A garden flag pole can add a decorative touch, as there are many holiday flags to choose from. Garden flag poles are easy to put up, inexpensive, and fun to interchange with seasonal flags and banners.

Hanging other flags with the American flag has a strict set of rules that can get very complicated. For instance, no flag, while on US soil, should ever hang above an American flag. Furthermore, other countries’ flags should not be hung using the same rope that the American flag is on. In a situation where there are multiple flags and flagpoles, the American flag should be highest and in the middle. In a two flag pole situation, the American flag should always be situated on the flag’s right hand side.

Flags are great for showing American pride, rooting for your favorite MLB or NFL team, or celebrating a holiday like Christmas, but all flags look better when they’re high in the air and waving. So, that’s why no yard or business should be without a flagpole!